Become a Supplier at Atair!

As a supplier, you need to satisfy the following criteria
  • Interest in a long-term, close partnership
  • Competitive prices
  • Cost awareness
  • Consistently high product quality
  • Permanent ability to supply and adherence to delivery deadlines
  • Excellent quality management
  • Certifications (minimum requirements: OEKO-TEX®, BSCI)
  • Responsible approach to employees and resources
  • Sustainability
The application process consists of the following steps
  1. You apply to become a supplier by registering at and entering the required information. This includes, for example:
    • Company information
    • Product group classification
    • Certificates
    • Examples of products
  2. Your company details are checked by our purchasing team and discussed at one of our procurement meetings.
  3. If you fulfil our list of requirements and we select you as a potential future partner, we will invite you to an in-person supplier meeting.
  4. If you impress us at this meeting with your pitch and your products, we will add you to our order pool.
  5. Our order pool gives you the opportunity to participate in tenders on a regular basis and impress us in practice with your fulfilment of a contract.
  6. Once you have established yourself as an order supplier, you will qualify to become a strategic supplier as well.

Thank you for your interest in working with us!